Petr Mazur

Position: Junior researcher

Phone: +420 220 445 118

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2008 – 2013       Ph.D., Inorganic Technology, ICT Prague

2003 – 2008       Ing. (M.Sc.), Inorganic Technology, ICT Prague



2012                   Josef Hlavka’s prize                      

2006 and 2007     1st place at Students' scientific conference (ICT Prague) 





Mališ J., Mazúr P., Paidar M., Bystron T., Bouzek K.: Nafion 117 stability under conditions of PEM water electrolysis at elevated temperature and pressure, Internation Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2016, 41 (4): 2177-2188.

Pavelka M., Wandschneider F., Mazur P.: Thermodynamic derivation of open circuit voltage in vanadium redox flow batteries, Journal of Power Sources, 2015, 293: 400-408.

P. Mazúr, J. Polonský, M. Paidar, K. Bouzek, Non-conductive TiO2 as an anode catalyst support for PEM water electrolysis, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 37 (2012), 12081-12088

P. Mazúr, J. Soukup, M. Paidar, K. Bouzek, Gas diffusion electrodes for high temperature PEM-type fuel cells: role of a polymer binder and method of the catalyst layer deposition, Journal of Applied Electrochemistry 41 (2011), 1013-1019

J. Schauer, A. Sikora, M. Plíšková, J. Mališ, P. Mazúr, M. Paidar, K. Bouzek, Ion-conductive polymer membranes containing 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium trifluoromethanesulfonate and 1-ethylimidazolium trifluoromethanesulfonate, Journal of Membrane Science 367 (2011), 332-339


Juraj Kosek
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