Michal Vonka


Position: Ph.D. student


Phone:  +420 220 443 107


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2010 – present   

Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, ICT Prague

    Theme of Ph.D. thesis: Modelling of heterophase material evolution
2008 – 2010  

M.Sc., Chemical Engineering, ICT Prague

    MSc thesis: Mathematical modelling of morphology evolution of high-impact polystyrene
2004 – 2007  

B.Sc., Chemical Engineering, ICT Prague

    BSc thesis: Mathematical modelling of phase separation in polymer systems



2012 - 2013    Scientific guest at ETH Zürich in group of prof. Morbidelli sponsored by NANOPOLY project

Topic: Modelling of mixing in heterophase reactors




Votoček’s fellowship for research results during Ph.D. studies


2nd place at Students' scientific conference (ICT Prague)





Vonka M., Soos M., Storti G.: Viscosity and drop size evolution during suspension polymerization, AIChE Journal, 2016, 62 (12): 4229-4239.

Vonka M., Nistor A., Rygl A., Toulec M., Kosek J.: Morphology model for polymer foams formed by thermally induced phase separation, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2016, 284: 357-371.

Kroupa M., Vonka M., Kosek J.: Modeling the Mechanism of Coagulum Formation in Dispersions, Langmuir, 2014, 30 (10): 2693–2702.

Vonka M., Kosek J. Modelling the morphology evolution of polymer materials undergoing phase separation. Chemical Engineering Journal, 2012, 207-208, 895-905.

Vonka M., Šeda L., Kosek J. Modelling of the High-Impact Polystyrene Morphogenesis. Polymer Reaction Engineering – 10th International Workshop, 2011, 302, 151–160.

Kroupa M., Klejch M., Vonka M., Kosek J.: Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) of Agglomeration of Polymer Particles, Procedia Engineering (2012), in print.



Juraj Kosek
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University of Chemistry and Technology Prague
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University of West Bohemia
New Technologies Research Centre (NTC)
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