Dye Sensitized Solar Cells


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The importance of photovoltaic technology has increased rapidly over the last decade. Between years 2000 and 2010 the cumulative installed capacity arose from 1.5 to 40 GW. In terms of capacity growth, photovoltaic is the leading renewable energy technology in Europe. Further growth is expected, especially in China, Japan, USA and Canada. Since governments and public sectors invested greatly in photovoltaic technology, it is highly desirable that it becomes competitive to other traditional energy sources as soon as possible. This could be achieved by implementation of cheaper materials and more economically attractive treatment processes for its production than it is currently common for silicon based photovoltaic systems.

Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells is one of the interesting solar technologies that could meet this requirement. The contemporary research is focused on the development of nanostructured layers of TiO2 that would enable successful adsorption of the dyes. We aim to examine many experimental parameters that result in various morphologies on the nano- and micro-scale. Our further goal is to prepare functional solar cells and prove that electrospraying method is viable in their production. 



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