Zinc air battery

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Zinc air batteries are receiving a significant attention in the last years. They have a high capacity, low cost, low toxicity and they are competitive with state of the art batteries (Li-ion, NiMH). In zinc-air batteries, zinc is oxidized by oxygen taken from the surrounding air. Battery is constructed from four components: zinc anode, air cathode, separator and electrolyte (Figure 1).

The wider application is limited by a several factors:

  • Hydrogen evolution on anode during charging and zinc corrosion
  • Dendrite formation at zinc anode during cycling
  • Overpotentials at air cathode
  • Degradation of the electrolyte caused by CO2.

In our research group we focus on the several aspects that can solve these problems and in future they should allow us develop the commercial zinc air battery:

  • Morphology changes of the anode, cathode and catalyst during battery cycling
  • Search for better catalyst
  • Engineering design of the air cathode structure



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