In 2013, our work could be seen at several prestigious conferences:


Six topics were presented on Advances in Polymer Science and Technology (APST) 3:

  • Juraj Kosek: Modeling of morphology evolution of high-impact polystyrene during phase separation (lecture)
  • Klára Smolná: morphology of high-impact polypropylene (poster)
  • Josef Chmelař: equilibrium sorption in PE (poster)
  • Pavel Ferkl: heat transfer on nanoscale (poster prize)
  • Juraj Kosek: emulsion polymerization (poster)
  • Tomáš Gregor: polymer morphology characterization by microCT (poster prize)


Posters presented by Tomáš Gregor and Pavel Ferkl were awarded by poster prizes including the gold medals.


Four topics were presented on 5th International Conference on the Reaction Engineering of Polyolefins:

  • Juraj Kosek - morphology characterization by AFM and microCT (invited lecture)
  • Josef Chmelař - sorption and diffusion in PE (lecture)
  • Klára Smolná - morphology of high-impact polypropylene (poster prize)
  • Juraj Kosek - agglomeration of polyolefin particles (poster)

Awarded poster at INCOREP 5: Klára Smolná with co-authors.


Five topics were presented on 11th Workshop on Polymer Reaction Engineering:


Two topics were presented at 3rd North America Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering:


Five topics were presented at International Conference of Chemical Technology in Mikulov:



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